Kenzi Boysel performs a skills check in her Allied Health program.

McKenzie Boysel has found her path to success and it’s thanks to Pickaway Pathways and Pickaway-Ross — and a little Grey’s Anatomy.

A senior at Circleville, Kenzi has been taking her academic classes at Pathways since she was in seventh grade.

Kenzi said she likes the hands-on format Pathways offers and the one-on-one interaction she has with the teachers.

But it was while streaming the medical TV series Grey’s Anatomy — which started airing before she was six months old — that she saw a future for herself in health care. 

Kenzi, a student in Pickaway-Ross’ Allied Health program — offered at the career center’s Mound Street campus where Pathways meets — is planning to continue in the health-care pathway after high school, attending Pickaway-Ross Adult Education.

Tammy Tipton, Kenzi’s Allied Health instructor, praised her for putting her training to use recently. Seth Kellenberger, who teaches Construction Technology at both campuses, cut himself and called Tammy for help.

“He had cut his hand on a piece of equipment and Kenzie took gauze, bandages and tape to his room and bandaged his cut,” Tammy said.

Kenzi has earned her 12-point credential in Construction Technology and is now working on earning credentials in Tammy’s program. “She has excellent attendance, always comes to class prepared and completes all of her assignments in a timely fashion,” Tammy said.

“She is also our class president, having been elected by her peers,” said Trent Patterson, director of Pathways. “She is on the Honor Roll and recently earned her driver’s license with our help. I’m really proud of her.”

Trent isn’t alone. Kenzi said when she finishes high school she will be the first in her family to do so, which makes her family proud, too.

“She was determined to change her life and she has done that,” Trent said.