The Pickaway County Educational Service Center coordinates the monthly list of available substitute teachers for the four school districts in Pickaway County (Circleville City, Logan Elm Local, Teays Valley Local and Westfall Local). Amanda-Clearcreek Local, ESC preschools, Crossroads and New Hope Christian Schools are also included on our form as school preferences.

If you have a current teaching license, a current substitute teaching license or a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, please contact our office with your e-mail address to receive additional information and an e-mail invite to complete an online packet of Substitute Teacher forms.  

NOTE: For the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years, if you do not have a bachelor's degree, you can apply for an Ohio temporary non-degree substitute license in order to substitute teach. Please keep in mind that not all school districts employ substitutes with the temporary non-degree substitute license. You will also need to contact our office with your name and email address to receive the e-mail invite to complete the online packet of Substitute Teacher forms.

In addition to the online Substitute Teacher forms included in the e-mail invite, all substitute teachers need to supply the following items to the Pickaway County ESC before having your name and contact information published on the List of Available Substitute Teachers:

To complete the requirements of the online Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 included in the packet, you will need to provide your original document(s) from the “List of Acceptable Documents” shown on page 3 of this online form to be examined and photocopied at our office. Examples: one document from List A (US passport) OR a combination of one document from List B (driver’s license) and one document from List C (social security card OR birth certificate).

If you have a current Ohio teaching license and/or a current substitute license, you will need to provide a photocopy of your bachelor's degree college transcript to the ESC for your substitute teaching file. Of course, if you have and/or are applying for the temporary non-degree substitute license, this is not a required item. However, all other substitute teacher requirements must be met.

Also, provide a copy of a BCI report and a FBI report (both within one year) to our office. If you need one or both reports, you may call the Pickaway County ESC to schedule an appointment for WebCheck Fingerprinting to obtain the reports.  BCI cost is $30, FBI is $35 or if both are needed, the cost is $60.  Payments must be made at the time of the appointment and payable in cash or money order. BCI and FBI reports are also required to be submitted electronically to the ODE.

If you have or are applying for a substitute teaching license and your bachelor's degree is not in education, you are required to attend a one-time substitute teacher training by supplying proof of attendance at a previously held OCST substitute teacher training or by completing the OCST online course and assessment earning an 85% or higher composite score.  

All substitute teacher training information can be found by clicking the “Ohio Center for Substitute Teachers” page and then clicking the “Training” link.  The online course cost is $50 payable to the Pickaway County ESC. When the $50 fee is received at the ESC, you will be given the Sub Skills Online Course instructions and access information. At the completion of the course, you will print the Sub Diploma that includes your composite score and supply to the ESC to meet this requirement.

Provide a copy of your current Ohio Teaching License OR Substitute Teaching License. (Anyone who has a four-year degree is eligible to apply for a substitute teaching license, even if the degree is not in education.) If you do not already possess a teaching license and/or substitute teaching license, you can complete an application online and make payment through the Ohio Department of Education. Please complete the online forms packet before applying online for your substitute license. Below is the ODE link regarding the online application process to obtain a substitute license. You will need to upload your official transcripts as a PDF in the online application process.  

Note:  When prompted for a superintendent's signature during the online application process, please search by name, Pickaway County ESC or IRN 049072 to have the ESC superintendent, Ty Ankrom, digitally sign and/or approve the application. Please click on the link below to find instructions on how to complete an online substitute license application: