Parent Guidance Mental Health Series recordings

Below are recordings of the monthly Parent Guidance Mental Health Series.

May 23: Grief — The Healing Process After Loss 
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April 25: ABCs of Substance Abuse
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March 28: School Avoidance
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Feb. 28: Everyday Happiness
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Jan. 24: De-escalating Cycles of Conflict
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Nov. 22: Establishing Healthy Boundaries
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Oct. 25: Your Child's Anxiety
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Sept. 27: Social Media — Protecting Your Child
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Zoom series

Those interested can join the free conversation the fourth Tuesday of each month. Use the link to register.

June 27: Emotional Regulation #1 — Recognizing What's Wrong

July 25: Emotional Regulation #2 — Interrupting Negative Emotions

Aug. 22: Emotional Regulation #3 — Managing & Replacing Negative Emotions

Sept. 26: Depression — What You Need to Know