Home Education

Home Education

The ESC handles home education for the Logan Elm Local, Teays Valley Local and Westfall Local School Districts. 

If you choose to home educate your child(ren), you will need to complete a Home Education Notification Form (found at the bottom of the screen) and return it to the ESC along with a list of textbooks and the curriculum that you will be using in home education.  If this not your child(ren)'s first year of home education, you will also need to send an academic assessment report of your child(ren) for the previous school year as required by Ohio Administrative Code 3301-34-04.  The assessment shall include either the results of a nationally normed, standardized achievement test or a written narrative prepared by a licensed teacher.  The assessment should be submitted to our office along with the notification form and all other necessary information before the first day of school for your child(ren)'s district. 

Upon receipt of the required information, we shall determine if your completed notification is in compliance with the state regulations.  If the home education notification is in compliance, you will receive a letter from your local school district excusing your child and/or children from compulsory attendance in their district for the requested school year.  If not in compliance,  the ESC superintendent shall state in writing the specific respects in which the information is incomplete. The superintendent shall provide the parent to supply the additional information within fourteen calendar days.
You may also find more information regarding rules and regulations on the Ohio Department of Education's website.  The direct link for home education is listed below:


Home Education Notification Form