Home Education

Home Education

Beginning in October 2023, Ohio homeschoolers will operate under an exemption from compulsory school attendance under the newly created Ohio Revised Code § 3321.042. With this change, the old regulations have become obsolete.

In order to exempt a child, parents or guardians must submit a notification to the resident school district superintendent by the thirtieth day of August every year or within five calendar days after commencing home education, moving into a new school district, or withdrawing from a public or nonpublic school.

The notification must provide the parent's name and address, the child's name, and an assurance that the child will receive education in the required subject areas. The superintendent must acknowledge receipt of the notification within 14 days.

Home education programs are required to teach English language arts, mathematics, science, history, government, and social studies.

There are no teacher qualifications, number of hours or assessment requirements.