Pickaway County ESC
The Pickaway County ESC
The Pickaway County ESC is a county agency that serves the four school districts in Pickaway County: Circleville City Schools and Logan Elm, Teays Valley and Westfall Local School Districts, and Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center.
The ESC provides a variety of services to schools and students.
To learn more about those services and the history of educational service centers, click on the "About Our ESC" button at left.
From the Superintendent
What I Think... by Ty Ankrom
What I Think... by Ty Ankrom

Once again, there is a new year ahead of us. While January marks a halfway point for those of us in education, it is of course a beginning, too.

It’s common to use the new year as a time for fresh starts. I would guess that the most common resolution each year is to exercise more and to eat less.

An interview with Dr. Daniel Amen that appeared in Forbes last month gave a different twist to the idea of exercise: exercising the mind for to improve one’s memory.

Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, neuroscientist and author whose specialty is brain health.

In the article, Amen cites several ways to exercise one’s brain.

Commit yourself to spending 15 minutes each day to learn something new.

In that same vein, Amen recommends taking a class, preferably on a subject that is unrelated to what you do in your day-to-day life. “It is important to challenge your brain to learn new and novel things,” such as square dancing, yoga or sculpture.

Just as learning something outside of your daily life is helpful, so is learning a new facet at your job.

Amen suggests cross-training at work by learning to another job. “This strategy benefits both the business and its employees, as workers will develop new skills and better brain function.”

Breaking one’s routine is another way to stimulate new parts of the brain. For example, use your non-dominant hand to perform everyday tasks, such as brushing your teeth, writing or using a computer mouse.

Whenever you make a change in your routine, you encourage neuroplasticity, which is when your brain makes new connections, basically reorganizing itself to adjust to a new environment or situation,” according to a blog on the Christa McAuliffe School of Arts & Sciences (www.cmasas.org/breaking-routines-and-cultivating-spontaneous-joy).

Take advantage of music’s benefits, whether you’re listening or performing.

“There is significant research suggesting that both learning to play music and listening to music, especially classical music, can enhance memory and mood.”

According to an article on the blog Lifehack, “Researchers discovered that music can help you learn and recall information better.”

Read Amen’s full interview at www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2017/12/04/dr-daniel-amen-how-to-use-your-brain-to-be-a-more-effective-worker/#5a456b3c6cb2.

Community Connections
Learn about Pickaway County ESC's partnerships with county schools and its service through the Community Connections page that appears every other month in the Circleville Herald.
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Student News
2017 Franklin B. Walter Award winner
2017 Franklin B. Walter Award winner
Alexa Long, a senior at Circleville High School, was selected as the 2017 Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award recipient.
Read about Alexa here.

ESC News and Updates
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Stand Up for Public Schools
The Ohio School Boards Association posted an article from our Community Connections page as part of their Stand Up For Public Schools effort:

Ohio Center for Substitute Teachers image Ohio Center for Substitute Teachers
PCESC / OCST partnership provides high quality training for substitute teachers  
Online Graduate Credit Courses
The Pickaway County Educational Service Center is pleased to offer online graduate courses to educators. This service is possible due to a partnership between PCESC and two universities: the University of Phoenix and Ashland University.
To see a listing of the courses available as well as registration information, click on the "Downloads / Links" tab.  Then,  look for the links to the two universities under the "Educational Websites" section. 
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The PCESC Update is a bi-monthly newsletter written primarily for ESC staff members.  
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Pickaway County Educational Service Center is approved by the Ohio Department of Education as a Supplemental Educational Service (SES) provider.  Learn more about SES by clicking on the link.  
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