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The Pickaway County ESC is a county agency that serves the four school districts in Pickaway County: Circleville City Schools and Logan Elm, Teays Valley and Westfall Local School Districts, and Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center.
The ESC provides a variety of services to schools and students.
To learn more about those services and the history of educational service centers, click on the "About Our ESC" button at left.
Student News

2018 Franklin B. Walter Award winner

Photo of Jeffrey Robb
Jeffrey Robb, a senior at Logan Elm High School, was selected as the 2018 Pickaway County ESC Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award recipient.
To read about Jeffrey, click here.
From the Superintendent
The adage that it takes a village to raise a child may be a cliché but it’s not wrong.

In education, it’s important that families and teachers work together to help young people succeed.

When I was a teacher, I found that having a connection with parents made my job easier. They knew that I was as interested and invested in their child’s success as they were.

These early weeks of school are a good time to ask parents to share with you any information about their children that might help you as a teacher.

Is he a visual or an aural learner? Does she respond well to constructive criticism or need a lighter touch? What are their child’s strengths and interests?

All of this information helps develop relationships and build trust between the teacher and parent and the teacher and student.

During this information gathering, it can also be a good time to let parents know how they can help their child.

Studies have shown that children whose parents or caregivers are involved in their school community are more likely to get better grades; finish high school; have fewer behavior problems; and receive attention for learning difficulties (Child Trends, Dec. 1, 2016).

The Learning Community, a nonprofit organization that runs a Web site to provide parenting resources, recommends that parents engage their child after the school day with questions that require more than one-word answers. Some suggested conversation starters are:

=     Tell me about the best part of your day.

=     What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

=     What’s the biggest difference between this year and last year?

=     Can you show me something you learned or did today?

See more conversation starters and homework tips for parents at www.thelearningcommunity.us/resources-by-format/tips-for-parents/your-role-in-school-success.aspx.

A challenge that parents and teachers may face is keeping kids excited about school through 12thgrade. According to the 2016 Gallup Student Poll, student enthusiasm decreases as they get closer to graduating.

Specifically, the poll found that fifth-graders are the most engaged with school, while 11th-graders are the least.

Valerie J. Calderon, a senior research consultant at Gallup, wrote in her findings about the survey that there are six ways to keep kids excited about school: create hope; foster talent; care a lot; recognize creative teachers and teaching; have fun; and model engagement.

Read her tips in full at https://news.gallup.com/opinion/gallup/211886/keep-kids-excited-school.aspx?&g_source=link_wwwv9&g_campaign=item_231752&g_medium=copy.
Community Connections
Learn about Pickaway County ESC's partnerships with county schools and its service through the Community Connections page that appears every other month in the Circleville Herald.
Click below to see the current and past issues.
ESC News and Updates
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Stand Up for Public Schools
The Ohio School Boards Association posted an article from our Community Connections page as part of their Stand Up For Public Schools effort:

Ohio Center for Substitute Teachers image Ohio Center for Substitute Teachers
PCESC / OCST partnership provides high quality training for substitute teachers  
Online Graduate Credit Courses
The Pickaway County Educational Service Center is pleased to offer online graduate courses to educators. This service is possible due to a partnership between PCESC and two universities: the University of Phoenix and Ashland University.
To see a listing of the courses available as well as registration information, click on the "Downloads / Links" tab.  Then,  look for the links to the two universities under the "Educational Websites" section. 
Satisfaction Surveys Demonstrate Steady Improvement of Services
Biennial Surveys Provide Data for Past Performance and Future Actions
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PCESC Update
The PCESC Update is a bi-monthly newsletter written primarily for ESC staff members.  
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Pickaway County Educational Service Center is approved by the Ohio Department of Education as a Supplemental Educational Service (SES) provider.  Learn more about SES by clicking on the link.  
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