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Pickaway County

Educational Service center

Treasurer's Office

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office oversees the financial operations of the ESC. Treasurer/CFO Kristin O'Dell reports directly to the Governing Board and serves as its secretary and as the public records officer. In those capacities, the treasurer’s office records the official minutes of the board and maintains files, contracts and other official documents on behalf of the board.  

The mission of the Treasurer’s Office of the Pickaway County ESC is to provide timely and accurate financial services. The office provides all payroll and accounting functions: accounts payable and accounts receivable; fixed assets inventory; federal, state and local grants management; insurance — liability/property/fleet; employee benefits; 403(b) public employer plans; public records; budgets and appropriations. 

The treasurer/CFO is responsible for leading the audit process of the ESC business and the agency-related business for Family and Children First Council, Early Intervention Program and State of Ohio, Department of Education initiatives. 

In addition, the office administrates most human resource issues including workers' comp, unemployment claims, FMLA, employee handbook, staff leaves, and is a contributor to the HR and fiscal updates of Board Policy. The Treasurer's Office provides fiscal support to ESC employees, member school districts, grantees, social service entities and all other entities that have a fiscal relationship with the Pickaway County ESC.

Staff members

Treasurer Kristin O'Dell
Treasurer's Assistants:
• Sarah Hebb (payroll/insurance)
• Ellen Mangione (budgetary & EMIS)

(740) 474-7529 

Pickaway County PEBP

The Pickaway County PEBP insurance consortium meets at 2 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month at the ESC, 2050 Stoneridge Drive, Circleville, unless indicated otherwise.
2022 dates are:
Jan. 26
Feb. 23
11 a.m. March 11, special meeting
March 23
April 27
May 2, special meeting
May 24
June 28
July 26
Aug. 24
Sept. 28
Oct. 26
Nov. 23
Dec. 28
Questions can be directed to Trey Fausnaugh at [email protected].
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